Sunday, October 26, 2008

God's other creation.. man's best friend

Hv not been writing for few months... busy busy in the corporate world. I know this is just the
same old lame excuses of "no time"..... Sori.. lately doing alots of soul searching with the Lord of what I really want to make my life more fulfilling.... yes, I love all God's creation in man's Best Friend, my little dog.. but I hv this inner struggle that I should shower more love to all animals living in the harsh environment....of a developed nation..

... whenever I came across strays dogs, cats.. even abandoned rabbits... searching hungrily for scrap food at public eating place, waste bins... etc in our developed country, it really pains me... why in such a developed nation, we are unable to house these strays with a good home and they've to fend for themselves from the weather elements, waiting for the next meal from man's scrap under the dinner table and worse of all the abuse from human... Are all of us chasing the materialistic $$$ dreams or is it the ever rising costs of living in our developed country hv drowned us from giving a little help to these strays? I know this is also be my soul searching...

Yes, it's my wish to do more for these dear friends of God's creation but I am struggling with time, financial resources to realise my dreams.. how I wish I am now financially free and do NOT need the monthly paycheck to settle the monthly bills, mortages... etc could leave the corporate life immediately to work towards my dreams to do my little part in making a better world for God's other creation.. human's best friends.. animals.

I will pray that the Lord will lead and show me the direction and answer my prayer in His time..

The following documentary 'earthlings' fm youtube is shocking, it brings out the voices of our animal friends.. love them with all your might ... do not hurt them.
God Bless You

LaRA (Love and Respect Animals)
Be a Vegetarian... plants can regenerates itself and live for thousand of years as food source for mankind.

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